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We are offering one of our favorite products in the store combined with one of our newest products in Valentine's Day gift bundles. Choose between 3 wonderful combinations - Spa Day, Rest & Relax or Sweet Dreams. This bundle includes a bath bomb from Soap and Sunshine Apothecary and a soy candle from Coyer Candle Company.


Valentine's Day order pickup options:

Saturday (2/11) 10-3

Sunday (2/12) 1-3

Monday (2/13) 2-5

Tuesday (2/14) 10-5:30


Valentine's Day order delivery windows:

Monday (2/13) 10-12 or 12-4

Tuesday (2/14) 10-12 or 12-4

Rest and Relaxation Bundle

  • Delivery Cost - New Pal $5.00; $15.00 up to 15 miles; additional $1 per mile after 15 miles

  • Spa Day - lavender bath bomb and twilight sky candle

    Rest & Relax - oat milk bath bomb and vanilla candle

    Sweet Dreams - raspberry rose bath bomb and strawberry cupcake candle

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